NIL’IN: Twenty people injured in nonviolent demonstration 16Oct09 October 17, 2009


More than 150 of protesters attended the weekly demonstration against the apartheid wall in Ni’lin. The demonstration was dedicated to the 11,000 Palestinian prisoners that are being held in Israeli jails. Demonstrator brought signs with the names of the Ni’lin anti wall protesters who are currently in jail and others called for the release of all prisoners. A number of youth hand their hands locked with tie wraps they way the Israeli military does when they arrest Palestinians. Demonstrators were slogans why the world fights for the release of one Israeli soldier while there are 11,000 Palestinians waiting for their freedom in jail.

When the demonstration reached the wall, there were border police men hiding and they tried to arrest some of the demonstrators. Some demonstrators noticed them and were able to get away, the border police didn’t manage to arrest anybody and fled the scene. When the demonstration reached the area with the fence, the demonstrators were met with huge amounts of tear gas fired by Israeli soldiers from the tear gas machine. Many people experienced breathing problems when they were stuck in the large clouds of tear gas that filled the whole area. The first aid medical teams were able to help the people on the spot.

When clashes between youth and soldiers erupted near the fence, one soldier was hit in the face with a stone. Then the army came through the gate and started chasing people towards the village, shooting rubber coated steel bullets. The Israeli army also shot teargas canisters directly at the medical teams and two of them were slightly injured.

Beside the large amounts of teargas the, the Israeli army also fired rounds of rubber coated steel bullets into the demonstration. The Israeli army attempted to arrest people in the protest, but failed to do so. The demonstration lasted for 5,5 hours and 20 people were injured.

Background information on the Palestinian village of Nil’in

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