Dora McPhee (VIC) supports Shaik article “Israel apologists shoot messenger” The Australian 23Oct09 October 23, 2009

The Australian:  “Israel apologists shoot messenger” by Michael Shaik 23 October 2009

Israel apologists complain about Israel being ‘singled out’ for criticism of its war on Gaza. But the extraordinary lengths that have been used to shield Israel from criticism, particularly those taken by the US, which is readying to use its veto power once again, is itself a form of ‘singling out’ Israel as requiring special treatment and immunity from censure.

Israel has been repeatedly shielded and exempted from sanction for breaking international legal norms when it comes to its treatment of the Palestinians, while benefiting from generous aid and preferential trade agreements while doing so.

Meanwhile Palestinian human rights continue to be violated on a daily basis as they suffer Israel’s apartheid policies, not to speak of  the war crimes that the world does not want to acknowledge because it would entail bringing Israel to account.

And the biggest war crime of all is the ongoing siege and blockade of Gaza for which the whole world bears responsibility, not just Israel.

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