A matter of grave concern April 2, 2009

Muslim Aid Australia – Orphan Aid Program

Most children in the Gaza Strip have been tear gassed, have had their homes searched or damaged, and have witnessed shooting, fighting and explosions. Many have also been injured or tortured as a result of chronic war that spans generations.
Thousands of Palestinian children are now internally displaced. A recent survey conducted by our partners on the ground found at least 200 severally traumatized orphans and their families are in need of urgent medical attention, psychological support and ongoing assistance to help them cope with the effects of the recent crisis.
According to a study on The Psychological Effects of War on Palestinian Children, a child in Gaza who has had a severe head injury has 4 times the risk of emotional disorder. A child who has been severely beaten has 3.9 times the risk of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A child who has witnessed friends injured or killed has 13 times the risk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A child in a refugee camp has 5 times a greater chance of witnessing traumatic events and 4 times a greater chance of direct physical trauma. In the long term, the trauma will grow with the child and becomes part of the personality.

Tauma and Counselling Services

Muslim Aid Australia

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