Imam Ali (NSW) responds to SMH editorial “Goldstone’s grenade” 23Oct09 October 28, 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald editorial: “Goldstone’s grenade”, 23 October 2009

Your editorial rightly debunks the Israeli propaganda that international scrutiny of the alleged war crimes committed by its troops during the invasion of Gaza will impede the stalled peace process.  The real obstacle, however,  is the continued  building of settlements by Israel in occupied Palestinian lands  in defiance of  international law.

Your praise for the democratic Israel  is questionable if one accepts the view that the true measure of democracy is how  justly and fairly a nation deploys its  legitimately-obtained  power, authority and influence over all its citizens and indeed over humanity.  Against this yardstick the Editorial gives a  misleading view of a nation which  treats its Arab population as second class citizens, denies freedom and basic human rights to the Palestinians in the occupied territories, uses disproportionate force to subjugate its colonized people for pursuing their legitimate right to self determination and continues to build illegal colonies on   usurped Palestinian land. No conscionable person can be proud of such a nation, however “democratic” it might claim to be.

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