Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to article “Gaza fire sparks drama on stage” SMH 31Oct09 October 31, 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  “Gaza fire sparks drama on stage” -  31 October 2009

Remarkably the passages deleted from the “Gaza fire sparks drama on stage” (Oct 31) story from a Guardian report tell of the Australian UN staff member Jodie Clark’s heroism:

“She saw shells land close by her, showering her with concrete. She telephoned the Israeli military to explain that their shells were hitting
the UN. In the compound were six trucks, each filled with thousands of litres of fuel. ‘It took us two hours to convince them they were hitting the UN compound,’ she said in a video interview during the show.

Her matter-of-fact account is dramatic. She describes how, with a colleague, she ran out as the white phosphorous shells rained down. White phosphorous burns on contact with air, and burns through flesh to the bone. She tried to rescue the trucks, armed only with a fire extinguisher and a wooden stick. ‘We flicked the white phos out from under the vehicle,’ she said. The trucks were saved and driven away to safety, sparing a greater fire, but the warehouse was hit and burned to the ground at a cost of more than $10m.”

Were these passages deleted because it also showed the Israeli military’s indifference to what they were doing on the ground in Gaza and reinforces the findings of the Goldstone report that pro-Israel supporters are now frantically trying to discredit?

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