VIDEO: War Crimes Multimedia Parts 1 & 2 October 31, 2009

Editor’s note: As investigations and reports by numerous human rights groups are publicised about Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity in its attack on Gaza post-Christmas 2008, moves are also underway to quash the most recent damning UN-backed Goldstone Report not only by Israel, but also the United States.  The US House of Representatives is expected to announce a resolution condemning the Goldstone Report on Tuesday.   In a world that is becoming increasingly de-sensitised to the horrors of war, battle cries for more wars are being heard every day. We, who have yet to feel the effects of such gross violations on our lives, remain silent as so many other innocents in the world are suffering unimaginable atrocities.  It seemed appropriate to show the following video in two parts about the way war is being waged and for what purpose, with peace an ever elusive dream. It was  shown at the War Crimes Conference and Exhibition a few days ago in Kuala Lumpur and makes an urgent case for criminalising war.  If the industrial military complex is allowed to continue feeding war with its abominable weaponry there is not a single human being on this planet who will be safe from massive violence and destruction.  Our world will certainly face annhilation.  It therefore behooves us to speak out now against all war and the war crimes that have devastated so many people’s lives already.  A good start would be to support the Goldstone Report.  Please click here

Part 1


An outstanding multimedia designed and made by Matthias & Christopher Chang from Kuala Lumpur about War Crimes and the evil effects of war on every day life. The multimedia was first shown prior to the keynote address of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed at the War Crimes Conference & Exhibition that took place at the PWTC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 28th October till 31st October 2009.

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