Iran says Goldstone opponents responsible for Israel crimes 9Nov09 November 10, 2009

Press TV -  9 November 2009


Iran has lashed out at certain veto-wielding powers for opposing a UN report on the Gaza war, blaming them for the ongoing Israeli crimes in the region.

“Certain powerful and veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council adamantly oppose continuation of investigation into the report by Richard Goldstone,” Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee told the Islamic Student News Agency (ISNA).

On Thursday, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that accuses Israel of war crimes and criminal acts against humanity during the weeks-long onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

A hundred fourteen states endorsed the resolution while only 18 states including the US and Israel objected to the report’s adoption. Forty-four countries also abstained including France, Britain and Russia.

The 575-page UN-ordered report on Israel’s offensive in Gaza asserts seven incidents in which Palestinian civilians were shot while leaving their homes, trying to run for safety or waving white flags.

The resolution calls for the prosecution of senior Israeli officials in the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague should Tel Aviv fail to launch its own investigations into the Gaza war under international scrutiny within six months.

The Iranian diplomat rejected claims by certain countries that pursuit of the Goldstone report would endanger the peace process in the Middle East and said, “History during the past 60 years showed the aggressive and occupying regime (Israel) was not committed to end occupation and aggression and to accept international regulations.”

“If the United Nations and other responsible bodies adopt a firm measure, it can be effective in clarifying certain facts…, but I doubt the UN will take the necessary move or that Israel would pay heed to its resolutions,” Khazaee added.

He stressed that the report reflects only parts of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and said, “Pursuit of the report will clear the way for restoration of rights of the Palestinian people.”

The envoy said that more than 40 resolutions have been passed condemning Israel’s crimes and added, “However, none of the resolutions have been implemented yet.”

The US, Israel’s staunchest ally, however, is widely expected to veto any call for ICC action against Israeli officials.

The United States has in several cases vetoed Security Council resolutions that are even critical of Israel, which, in effect, gives Tel Aviv a free hand to violate the rights of the Palestinian population, as well as the territorial integrity of neighboring Lebanon and Syria.

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