Moammar Mashni (VIC) responds to Isi Leibler’s article in The Age 28Nov09 November 29, 2009

The Age: “Cowardly bias blights attitudes on Israel” by Isi Leibler, 28 November 2009

What a sad, but not totally unexpected diatribe from Isi.  Having retired from his hate-mongering in Melbourne, Isi now spew’s his hate from the home of a dispossessed Palestinian in occupied Jerusalem.
Israel so desperately craves the world’s legitimacy; it will evoke any form of emotional blackmail as the truth in their argument simply won’t stack up.
The Zionist enterprise that began in the late 19th C is simply shifting gear – but the methods employed remain the same.  Thousands upon thousands of innocent Palestinian lives have been lost so that a ‘homeland’ could be created for the Jewish people.
How is it that the crimes against humanity that Israel and its supporters inflict on a daily basis are not relevant, yet a rock thrown in desperation by a 10 year old boy qualifies as an act of terrorism?
How many more Palestinian homes need to be demolished or families ethnically cleansed before the world says to Israel, your apartheid is not acceptable?
There will come a day, just as it did in apartheid South Africa, when the world will say – no more.
I dare say that this day is not all that far away, when Zionist moguls like Isi need to spit their hate back into the country that offered them solace when no other would.
No matter how Isi or Bibi or anyone else tries to dress it up, Israel and Palestine is a colonisation project, just a newer version.
What happened in Gaza just on 12 months ago was proof Israel never intended to make peace. it prefers blood and domination as a means of purging their demons from WWII.
This excuse will not fly any longer.
This land is, was and always will be Palestine, make no mistake.
Long live the Palestinians!

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