Fay Waddington (QLD) writes to The AGE re Australia welcoming Israeli war criminals 30Nov09 November 30, 2009

Another shameful incident in Australia’s Parliament will take place this month.  Soon we are to welcome Israel’s Silvan Shalom. A rather incongruous surname given it means Peace in Hebrew.  This man intends anything but peace with the people whose land his government illegally occupies.  Instead he openly advocates occupying all of the West Bank and is one of Israel’s strongest defenders of their brutal policy in Gaza.

Still, if I am not mistaken, Ehud Olmert was in Parliament a few days ago. I thought he was supposed to be in jail for corruption? He was the one who gave the orders to start Operation Cast Lead almost 12 months ago which saw the death of over 1400 Palestinians trapped in the open firing range known as Gaza.

Seems like the doormat is out in Canberra for war criminals.

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