Sign a petition to ask for the implementation of the Goldstone Report 9Dec09 December 14, 2009

Palestine Solidarity Campaign -  9 December 2009

Sign the Petition – Britain Must Implement the Goldstone Report

One year since Israel launched Operation Cast Lead, raining bombs on 1.5 million Palestinians, killing over 1400 and wounding over 5,000, the Israeli government has tightened its blockade on Gaza, creating a dire humanitarian disaster. Appallingly, the British government abstained on the votes at the UN on the Goldstone Report, which called for an end to the blockade, and for war criminals to be brought to justice.

The petition is promoted by the Palestinian Solidaity Campaign (PSC).

Please sign the petition here

calling on the British government to implement the Goldstone Report – we will be presenting the petition to Gordon Brown in January.

Goldstone wins Stockholm Human Rights Award

As reported by Ma’an News Agency some days ago:

The first annual Stockholm Human Rights Award was given to South African Judge Richard Goldstone, author of a UN report on Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, in Sweden on Thursday.

The award, given jointly by International Bar Association, the International Legal Assistance Consortium and the Swedish Bar Association was awarded to Goldstone in recognition of his “outstanding contributions to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

The award follows earlier support of the Goldstone report from the consortium, which published an article demanding the document be “taken seriously and treated as a legal document.”

Authored by three prominent members of the awarding associations, Mark Ellis, International Bar Association; Anne Ramberg, Swedish Bar Association; Christian Åhlund, International Legal Assistance Consortium, the article commended Goldstone for his work.

“Despite the aggressive personal attacks against Richard Goldstone, no one has been able to find any factual faults with the Goldstone Report on the analysis of the Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip in December 2008 and January 2009,” the article said.

“Different opinions about the content of international law and about the report’s conclusions are to be expected. But when a lawyer of such stature presents a report of such thoroughness, on a subject of such fundamental importance, respect for public international law and equality before the law require that the report be taken seriously and treated as a legal document and not as a political pamphlet.”

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