Klaus Wieneroider (VIC) responds to news item re proposed Egyptian steel wall in Herald Sun 12-13Dec09 December 16, 2009

I read in the Weekend HS with dismay the latest folly dreamed up by Egypt, America and Israel. A 2inch thick curtain of impenetrable steel to be buried to 30m deep around Gaza to stop the tunnels supplying Gazans with desperately needed goods from Egypt.

I wonder how many millions or billions this will cost. And then think, would it not be more cost effective to stop retaliatory rockets by removing the cause? Stop the blockade, remove the warships from the coast so fishing can resume, repair the bombed airport in disuse for decades, stop assassinations of Palestinian leaders, set free, to resume their seats in parliament the elected MP’s still languishing in Israeli jails since their election, along with the other 10,000 or so Palestinian prisoners, open border crossings so materials for repair of sewerage and drinking water and electricity generating equipment spares quarantined for years by Israel can be used. Let factories and free commerce flourish once again and there will be no reason for rockets. And the recipient of the Nobel Peace prize, Barrack Obama should hang his head and not lift it until these most basic of human rights are restored to the long suffering people of Gaza.

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