Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Hider’s “Hamas behind arrest British warrant for top Israelis” The Australian 23Dec09 December 22, 2009

The Australian:  “Hamas behind arrest British warrant for top Israelis” by James Hider, 23 December 2009

Every report to date that has looked at what Israel did in Gaza around this time last year points to serious war crimes and crimes against humanity
committed against the Palestinian people. Today this effectively imprisoned population are still denied their most basic human rights while being denied the ability to rebuild their homes and lives as their children suffer the long-term effects of a brutal siege and blockade. Half this population are children and even this fact does not move people to see the criminality of what the whole world participates in covering up.

For decades the Palestinian story has been twisted to frame them as the aggressor, while Israel’s sustained and systematic violence against a people
it illegally occupies and to this day continues to dispossess is framed as “self-defence”.  This is epitomised in the report telling readers that attempts to lay charges for war crimes are not about human rights but about an anti-Israel campaign at the service of Hamas. Human rights for the Palestinians it seems is forever a mirage – never to be realised.

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