Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to The Age on Gaza’s humanitarian crisis, 24Dec09 December 24, 2009

At this time of year we wish for peace, yet what is happening the Holy Land is a far cry from this. No peaceful coexistence of any kind is possible as
long as one people are subjugated by another. Nor is it possible when a process of de-development, which could potentially lead to the complete
breakdown of public infrastructure in Gaza is allowed to unfold without protest and scant media attention. Nor is it possible when illegal settlements continue to be expanded and entrenched as Palestinians are served eviction notices and demolition orders to facilitate this land theft.  Nor is it possible when peaceful resistance to this land theft is countered by violent reprisals leading to deaths and injury and arrests for incitement, while settler violence increases in frequency and ugliness. Yet all this is going on virtually unreported by our media correspondents in the Holy Land, who continue to file stories that carefully sidestep any overt  criticism of Israel’s policies and practices.

The escalating humanitarian crisis, which is the legacy of a 3 year siege and blockade and the massive military assault on Gaza launched two days
after Christmas last year is still a living nightmare for one and half million Palestinians. Confining a people and orchestrating their descent into abject poverty and ill health will not reap the rewards of peace. And burying our heads in the sand makes a mockery of our determination to never again allow the near destruction of another people.

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