Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to The Age re “The Silence on Gaza” 27Dec09 December 27, 2009

One year after Israel launched its Operation Cast Lead military offensive on Gaza, on 27 December 2008 the victims are still suffering and living in the rubble of their destroyed homes because of the siege and blockade which prevents them from rebuilding their shattered society. The world’s silence on this is shocking. Numerous reports have been written so it is not the we do not know what happened and is still happening – it is that the world is deliberately choosing to ignore this gross violation against the Palestinians of Gaza. This is a crime against humanity that the whole world
is participating in by its silence.

The UK led Viva Palestina aid convoy, made up of almost 250 lorries, has travelled over 3500km to deliver vital medical and food supplies is currently only a four hour ferry ride and a four hour drive from its destination – the Gaza Strip. The goal was to arrive there at 11:35am on 27th December – the first anniversary of Israel’s assault on Gaza. But Egypt has refused to grant the convoy passage via its Red Sea port of Nuweiba.  It is also refusing passage for the US led international Gaza Freedom March also heading to Gaza to stand in solidarity with the suffering population and highlight the devastating collective punishment of the siege. So it is not that some people do not care as these two courageous initiatives trying to bring aid, moral support and media attention to this ongoing war crime but the world refuses to hear, see or speak of it.

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