Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to The Age on Gaza 28Dec09 December 28, 2009

A year ago, Israel launched its most violent assault on the Palestinian population since 1967. Operation Cast Lead lasted for 22 days massacring 1400 Gazans, including 400 children. Eighteen schools were completely destroyed, 48% of health facilities were damaged/destroyed, 46% of Gaza’s agricultural land was put out of use, 4000 homes were destroyed, 80 government buildings and 600-700 factories were destroyed. Over 5000 people
were injured and many of the hundreds made homeless remain living in the ruins of their homes or in tents today. Infant mortality and birth deformities have increased as a consequence of the weaponry used in Gaza and the general decline in the health and premature deaths continue as the blockade continues to imprison the people, leaving them without proper access to medical care.

While most governments including our own promised aid to Gaza it is not reaching the people of Gaza as they continue to suffer mass deprivations.
Nothing has been done to allow them to rebuild their shattered lives because the world allows and actively participates in the punitive siege and blockade that severely limits aid into Gaza. This collective punishment is a war crime that is ongoing and shames us all for our total silence and complicity.

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