Dora McPhee (VIC) on Rabinovich article The Australian 24 June 2009 June 24, 2009

The Australian: “Julia Gillard walks the world stage in Israel” by Abraham Rabinovich,25197,25681768-15084,00.html

Our Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard may have drawn attention to Australia being the the first country to have voted in favour of the UN Partition of Palestine but I am sure she did not mention that this was an injustice to the indigenous Palestinian population and that the UN was acting against its own Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights in ignoring the rights of the indigenous population to the land of Palestine. Even if we accept the partition proposal as a fait accompli it did not give Israel 78% of Palestine and control of the remaining 22%. This is something that Israel achieved through the conquest of war. Needless to say Gillard would diplomatically have avoided mention of the use of settlements as a means to further dispossess the Palestinians of their land and resources – a practice that continues as she participates in a trip to further strengthen Australia’s ties with Israel. This is hardly an even-handed approach to the Israe/Palestine problem.

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