Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to The Age the Gaza media blackout 29Dec09 December 30, 2009

As Israel continues to dispossess Palestinians through its ongoing settlement construction and the world aids and abets the imprisonment of, and the siege against, the people of Gaza, the world’s media ignores and misrepresents what is happening one year on from what was a massacre of 1400
Palestinians. For Palestinians the tragedy of their lives does not just go back to Israel’s massive military assault of Operation Cast Lead that killed, injured and made so many homeless and aid dependent in Gaza. Nor does it just go back to four decades of Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories since 1967 and that continues to be accompanied by massive land theft and violation of their human rights. The tragedy goes back to 1948 when their dispossession began and when the world began to ignore them as a people deserving of equal treatment and equal human rights.

But never has this been more evident than during the war on Gaza and one year on with the subsequent failure to bring proper aid and justice or even
fair media coverage to a people that the world condemns to live imprisoned in their own homeland and subject to a medieval siege along with the daily
violence of policies that deny them every one of their basic human rights.

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