Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Jackson’s “Australians’ Gaza protest”, The Age 1Jan10 January 2, 2010

The Age: “Australians’ Gaza Protest” by Andra Jackson, 1 January 2010

Thanks to The Age for finally running a report by Andra Jackson: “Australians’ Gaza protest” (Jan 01, 2010). The denial by the Israeli spokesperson in Canberra, Dor Shapira, that there is a blockade of Gaza does not hold water when the blockade is entering its third year and is the very reason why international human rights advocates including some Australians are attempting to enter Gaza in a Gandhi-style non-violent protest.

On the anniversary of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza the surviving civilian population, who were not even allowed to flee Gaza as refugees, are still
not able to rebuild their homes and lives precisely because of Israel’s ongoing siege and blockade. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is calling on
Israel to end the siege and blockade of Gaza because of the devastating effects on the health and well being of  1.5 million Gazans, who are being
collectively punished. As half of Gaza’s population are children and eighty percent are already dispossessed refugees this inhumane treatment of an
oppressed population, slowly being driven to abject destitution, deserves better media coverage than what it is getting.

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