It was a hot and sticky night in Melbourne, but that didn’t stop some 200 people coming at various times to remember Gaza.  Some arrived early on their way to prior engagements and others came towards the end, but everyone said they could not have done otherwise than come. Banners told passers-by in a nutshell why we were protesting and the flyers filled in the gaps. There were many new people who joined us – Australians who just wanted to be able to do something for Palestine because they were horrified by the Israel’s war and siege on Gaza, Jewish supporters who know the truth of what is happening in Palestine, members of the Tamil community who came in sympathy because they too suffer injustices and international visitors in Melbourne for two weeks of tennis who found some time to spare to remember Gaza.  Passers-by in that busy square stopped and asked questions and took away information for later reading, information that also explained why we must boycott Apartheid Israel.  Gaza was remembered in those two hours we spent together. It was a presence at least, as someone remarked, a presence so no one will forget.

Australians for Palestine thanks everyone who came to help.  More photos follow.













Gaza Vigil 10-1 copy

Editor’s Note: What is happening in Gaza today is so incredibly shocking, yet despite that, the people have been left for dead.  While our politicians and the media seem to believe that 1.5 million people are worth condemning to a miserable existence and death for Israel’s security, we can at least refuse to remain silent.  On Friday evening at 7.00pm, we will be congregating at Federation Square, cnr Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne City for a vigil that will end with us lighting candles for Gaza.  We will provide the candles, placards and flyers and ask only that you make an effort to come and bring as many friends and family members as you can.  If you have a keffiyeh, please wear it.  There will be no speakers.  All we ask is for you to help us create a presence, a connectedness with the suffering Palestinians, for whom last year’s war did not end.  The siege continues, but now is attacking a people crippled by the effects of the war – the homeless, the jobless, the orphaned,  the maimed, the disfigured and the dying.  It should not be too much for each of us to give up two hours to remember them.  Each vigil, protest, march or other act to break the siege wherever it happens around the world helps to create a rippling energy that joins us all in an act of resistance against those who are selective in their humanity. Let us remind the people of Melbourne, and the many internationals visiting, that humanity means ALL of us, not least the Palestinians in Gaza.

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