BOOK: “Eyes in Gaza” by Dr Mads Gilbert and Dr Erik Fosse 10Feb10 February 10, 2010

Eyes in Gaza“The boy with the destroyed brain did not need anaesthetic; he could no longer feel anything. The other lay in an artificial coma with intravenous anaesthetic agents to soften the pain and allow the ventilator to work without resistance from the boy’s own breathing. A large bandage covered both his eyes. He could not see anyway. He was already blind.

Where could I cry out the despair and rage I felt for all this terrible fate we saw at such close quarters? Would the heavens hear? Will the world hear? They know that this is happening, after all. The numbers tick into the West every single afternoon, to the news agencies, to the intelligence services and to the diplomatic missions of the world’s most powerful nations, who do not even make an attempt to pull in the reins and control the wildness of the Israeli war machine.”

[This is a sneak excerpt from Dr. Mads Gilbert & Dr. Erik Fosse' new book - Eyes in Gaza soon to be published in English.]

Dr. Mads Gilbert, internationally acclaimed doctor, Head of the Department of Emergency at the University of North Norway, professor, and local politician embarks on a journey to describe his experiences last winter, during “Operation Cast Lead.” During the Israeli Offensive against the people of Gaza, Dr. Mads Gilbert and Dr. Erik Fosse were the only two foreign doctors allowed into the region, spending days and nights at the busy and over-crowded Al-Shifaa Hospital in a region forbidden to the rest of the world. With a complete blockade on Gaza, including medical aid and media, Dr. Mads Gilbert became a common face, keeping the world informed of the atrocities taking place in the virtual prison known as Gaza. As such, he was seen on Al-Jazeera, BBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and more.

Gilbert & FosseDr. Mads Gilbert described his experience in Gaza as the most horrific, terrible thing he has ever witnessed. A long time activist and solidarity worker for the rights of Palestinians, he co-authored the book Eyes in Gaza with Dr. Erik Fosse on the realities of this offensive.

Gilbert/Fosse: Eyes in Gaza
Eyes in Gaza / Øyne i Gaza
Published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, 2009

In the course of Israel’s 22-day-long military offensive on the Gaza Strip,
1,400 Palestinians were killed: very few of them armed men, but mostly
civilians, including more than four hundred children. More than 5.500
were injured. The Palestinian community lay in ruins again. For a number
of days, the Norwegian doctors Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert were the only
Western eyewitnesses to this death and destruction. Their sober reporting
contributed to a change in attitudes, in large parts of the Western world,
towards one of the most prolonged and complex conflicts of our time.
This book is about Fosse and Gilbert’s trip to Gaza and their stay there
from 31. December 2008 to 11. January 2009. Despite Israeli authorities
having seen to systematically filtering and shutting out people from this
conflict zone, NORWAC (Norwegian Aid Committee), succeeds in getting
its envoys into Gaza City while all other aid organizations and Western
journalists are left standing by the border.

Eyes in Gaza is a revealing depiction of real events from what they
experienced and witnessed during the conflict. The authors draw on their
experience from thirty years of work in the Middle East. Appr. 50
photos by
the authors, plus maps.
Erik Fosse (b. 1950) and Mads Gilbert (b. 1947) has for almost 30 years
participated in international medical emergency operations in conflict areas
such as occupied Palestine and Lebanon, via NORWAC and the Norwegian
Palestine committee. Erik Fosse is a cardio-thoraic surgeon professor. Mads
Gilbert is professor in anaesthesiology. Both authors lecture extensively in
Norway and abroad and have published scientific articles and books.

From the reviews: “The best book of the year in Norway “(The daily
Klassekampen) “Eyes in Gaza is written for the international market”
(P2 Cultur Radio Channel)
Translations: Sold to Jordan, Sweden, Italy, Finland, UK.

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