Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to the Adelaide Advertiser re Biden’s visit to Israel 12Mar10 March 13, 2010

The farcical attempts by the USA to convince the world that they genuinely and sincerely are seeking a peaceful resolution to the Palestine/Israel conflict are almost driving me to distraction.

Quite apart from noting that they are doing more of the same that has failed over and over again, how can the world take any attempt by the USA to portray themselves as honest brokers seriously when the conflict involves Israel?

As someone who has worked professionally as a mediator/conciliator for over a quarter of a century, I am astounded that anyone can take their claims seriously.

Firstly, there is no way that the USA can mediate between Israel and any other state, entity or people that they have a conflict with for the simple reason that the USA has pronounced repeatedly that they unconditionally support Israel. Irrespective of what they do or have done.

The occasional rebuke plays like a performance to amuse or placate the onlooker. Its a pretence. A sham. If the USA were serious about stopping Israel’s illegal behaviour they would have and could have stopped it decades ago.

How can we not suspect the USA of arrant hypocrisy when they pronounce that they want a just settlement of the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis? They have always known, because blind Freddy could work it out, that what Israel wants is to eliminate Palestine from the map and eradicate Palestinians from greater Israel.

I do not say that every Israeli feels this way. But even those who oppose their government’s conduct and policies choose to remain on Palestinian land that has been stolen from the rightful owners, and they personally benefit from the dispossession of the Palestinians.

Time has long since past when sanctions should have been applied to Israel.

The whole history of the establishment of Israel on someone else’s land, given to those with no right to it by those who never owned it is one of the world’s most appalling injustices in modern history.

So get the USA out of the equation. And the UK and all others who have permitted crimes to be committed repeatedly against the Palestinians. They have never been concerned with issues of justice for the Palestinian people.

They have failed to act to protect them from repeated violations and acts of aggression perpetrated against them by those occupying their land.

They have sat mute while thousands of innocent Palestinians have been slaughtered.

We all ought to be ashamed that this was not stopped decades ago.

And instead of allowing our shame and guilt to immobilise us when we see the fruits of our inaction, we should step forward and finally restore Palestine to the Palestinians. Something that should have been done long ago.

Yes it will be messy. It will be difficult.

But what other choice do we have? Let Israel steal the rest of Palestine? So that they can then pretend- as some do already- that Palestine never existed?

The USA has been doing just that.

It’s about time the world’s governments- and if they won’t, the world’s people- told the USA to but out and permit some truly honest broker deal with the problem. Allow someone with a firm understanding of international law and a sense of justice to have the role of arbitrator, one who can acknowledge that a great injustice has been done and that it can never be healed unless we acknowledge this, and act to make right what in the past was made wrong.”

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