Dora McPhee responds to “Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu moves to placate furious US” The Australian 15Mar10 March 15, 2010

The Australian:  “Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu moves to placate furious US” by Abraham Rabinovich, 15 March 2010

It is simply not credible that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “…was not in any way aware of the building plan ahead of the announcement ” for East Jerusalem that so publicly embarrassed the US government and exposed the peace negotiations for the farce that they have become.

This pretense that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing is the entrenched method by which Israel wards off criticism of its actions time and time again. Meanwhile the land is being colonised (a crime against humanity) and the Palestinians are slowly (but no less permanently) being ethnically cleansed to sever their ties to the land.

Washington’s strong words of condemnation are already dissipating while the funds keep rolling in that have financed the illegal settlements. ALL these settlements are colonies built on land that under international law is deemed NOT to be Israeli sovereign territory but land acquired through the conquest of war and that continues to be ILLEGALLY occupied in breach of binding UN Security Council resolutions. The Israelis know that, the US know that and the United Nations most certainly knows it yet a planning minister in Netanyahu’s government is seemingly not aware of it.

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