Anisa Hamood (SA) responds to Downer’s article re Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the Adelaide Advertiser 15Mar10 March 17, 2010

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Anisa Hamood responds:

Alexander Downer’s opinion piece (Advertiser 15/3/10) is irresponsible, scandalous, disgusting and outrageous.  He well knows, as a former Foreign Affairs Minister, the priorities of the Australian Government are to safe guard Australian citizens.  Israel’s use of stolen and forged identities of Australian passport holders is abhorrent. It is the continuing acts of a nation that proves time and again it has no regard for any international law whatsoever.  It is precisely the support, as that Mr Downer exerts towards Israel, that Israel is never prosecuted or made accountable for its crimes and encourages Israel to continue its insidious crimes.

Mr Downer needs to acknowledge who the original terrorists in the Middle East were, namely Jewish terrorists groups such as the Hagana, the Stern Gangs etc. and hence, whose children are currently Israeli politicians.  These gangs incidentally also terrorized British establishments in Palestine.  Hamas have come into being only after Israel’s continued acts of crimes against humanity, illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinian population.

Australia needs an even handed policy in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, for reasons of Australian integrity, trade and safe well being.

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