Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Sheridan’s “There’s scope for hope, for closer ties with Israel” The Australian, 18Mar10 March 18, 2010

The Australian: “There’s scope for hope with closer ties with Israel” by Greg Sheridan, 18 March 2010

Where Greg Sheriden sees “There’s scope for hope, for closer ties with Israel” others see that there is room for gloom in these closer ties. As Israel is being exposed as a rogue state that has deeply entrenched Apartheid policies that it has been practicing and refining on a daily basis for decades Australia should be extricating itself from these ties that bind the two countries together. This closer alliance, particularly on the new defence deal represents the thin edge of the wedge where all our armed forces, homeland security and policing will start to mimic Israeli practices so that there will be no one left to take the high moral ground in defence of human rights. This is of course a good outcome for Israel which still hasn’t completely evaded allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity as outlined in the damaging Goldstone report on Gaza.

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