Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to article in the Adelaide Advertiser about US and Israel pulling back from the brink 18Mar10 March 18, 2010

I refer to the item regarding the USA and Israel pulling back from the brink.

So, the USA and Israel are intensely involved in mending fences in their relationship which was dented, so it is said, because the latter made an announcement about illegally constructing more residences for Jewish Israelis in occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem at the wrong time.

Can you hear the echoes of the recent fuss about the illegal use of passports by citizens of certain “western” countries, including Australia, when there was virtually none made about the fact that they were used to commit a murder? Had the victim been an Australian/Israeli/or US citizen wouldn’t it have been called a terrorist act?

The building of settlements etc by Israel on occupied Palestinian territory is a deliberate policy.

Israel wants its cake and wants to eat it too. The cake is all of Palestine, and the icing on the cake is Jerusalem. Israel proclaims the moral high ground while it thumbs its nose at the UN resolutions, the rest of the world, and now the US too, but most of all at the plight of the Palestinians, whose land they have stolen and continue to misappropriate.

The spat with the USA is a performance intended to please constituents. The reality is that neither the USA nor Israel gives a damn about the possibility of any viable Palestinian state. They never have. If they had, something would have been resolved decades ago.

The brink was long ago leaped over The time is long passed when Israel looked like they may permit any kind of Palestinian state or any right or means whereby Palestinians could exist in their own homeland.

Instead of mending the fences between Israel and the USA Israel should tear down those it builds on Palestinian land, then acknowledge their occupation of Palestinian land, and then start talking about reparation, compensation and the right of Palestine to exist.

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