Doea McPhee (VIC) writes to The Age re the ignoring of international law 25Mar10 March 25, 2010

In international law, East Jerusalem is occupied territory, as are the parts of the West Bank that Israel unilaterally annexed to its now expanded district of Jerusalem and which Israel unilaterally  calls the capital of Israel. Even West Jerusalem is annexed territory from which Palestinians were forcibly ethnically cleansed. Tel Aviv is the internationally recognised capital of Israel – not Jerusalem, precisely because the status of Jerusalem is not recognised as Israel’s sovereign territory.

With its 2004 ruling on the Wall The International Court of Justice clarified the status of East Jerusalem as not being under Israeli sovereignty declaring the Wall’s construction in the occupied West Bank territory including in and around East Jerusalem should cease and that it should be dismantled fore with and damages paid to the Palestinians. Israel continues to ignore this as it continues to ignore that its building of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and in the occupied West Bank are illegal acts. Bulldozing its way into creating facts on the ground and being permitted to whitewash what it is doing by repeated statements that are designed to make the world see it as perfectly normal remain unchallenged in any meaningful way. This shows the world and not just Israel is acting in bad faith and is largely complicit with what Israel has been doing for the last four decades.

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