Margaret Cassar (SA) writes to the newspapers re government’s expulsion of an Israeli diplomat 25May10 May 25, 2010

Rogue nation, Israel, is not respectful of the United Nations, international borders, human rights conventions and the lives and livelihoods of Palestinians.

Why would they be respectful of something as insignificant to them as an Australian passport? For years Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recklessly pursued a policy of targetted political assassinations against Palestinians officials in countries outside Israel. His bungled attempt to kill Hamas leader, Khalid Mishal, in 1997 in Amman, Jordan, using Mossad agents with Canadian passports almost brought down the Jordanian government, King Hussein’s monarchy and the Middle East peace process.In a plot worthy of a John Le Carre spy thriller an untraceable poison was sprayed into Mishal’s ear by “Canadian tourists”. After high level negotiations Netanyahu was persuaded by US president, Bill Clinton to give up the recipe for the antidote and Khalil Mishal’s life was saved. In light of the Israeli governments intractable continuation of these murderous policies Stephen Smith’s strong words in Parliament yesterday need to be matched by much stronger sanctions against Israel than the return of a diplomat.

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