Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to article in the Adelaide Advertiser re Israel’s fraudulent use of Australian passports 25May10 May 27, 2010

I refer to the article on page 5, your editorial and the item on page 20.

Finally the Australian government has done something about Israel’s blatant disregard of international law.
We Australians have become used to our governments’ averting their gaze from Israel’s noncompliance with UN resolutions, its threats and acts of aggression towards its neighbours and its crimes against humanity against the people in occupied Palestine, but some of us did expect that self-interest would demand some kind of response to Israel’s illegal use of Australian passports in order to commit an act of international terrorism and murder.

To make a representative of the Israeli government leave our country is the very least our government could do, and I am glad that it has finally been done.

But could we now have our government demonstrate more ethical and high minded actions directed on behalf of others who have been even more violated by Israel?

Or do Australians only care when its about “us”?

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