Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to letter by Raffe Gold on flotilla to Gaza, SMH, 31May10 May 31, 2010

The Sydney Morning Herald (Letters): “A dubious mission” by Raffe Gold, 31 May 2010

Raffe Gold’s (A dubious mission 31/5) attempts to distract from the reason for Free Gaza Flotilla’s mission fails to mention that the siege and blockade of Gaza is a war crime daily visited on the Palestinians of Gaza – a war crime that has been enacted for over three years that is slowly destroying a society. Eighty percent of Gazans are refugees ethnically cleansed from Israel, who have been terrorised over the last six decades by numerous Israeli military offensives leaving repeatedly high tolls of death and destruction, not to speak of physical and mental trauma. None of which Gold makes any attempt to address. Perhaps when pro-Israel apologists begin to look at, and come to terms with, the real causes of the Israel/Palestine conflict and acknowledge the ongoing injustice of what was done and continues to be inflicted on the Palestinians we might have a better chance of a peaceful and just resolution that would guarantee Israeli Jews their security alongside the dispossessed and oppressed Palestinians.

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