Jack Flanigan (WA) writes to Israel ambassador re Israel’s attack on Gaza flotilla 31May10 June 1, 2010

Dear Sir,


I read with horror of the illegal attack on the aid convoy carried out by your military in international waters.

For too long Israel has ignored UN resolutions. For too long Israel has continued to illegally destroy Palestinian homes and steal Palestinian land. For too long Israel has terrorised the people of Gaza and the West Bank and carried out atrocities against civilians. For too long Israel has ignored international law. For too long Israel has been carrying out a policy of genocide of the Palestinian people. For too long Israel has carried out extra judicial killings

Australia and other civilised nations should impose a total trade and cultural embargo on Israel.

There should be travel restrictions imposed on all the citizens of your country until Israel lifts its blockade of Gaza and removes all illegal settlements in the West Bank and frees Palestinian air space and allows Palestinian citizens free exit and entry from the West bank and Gaza.

I want to see you expelled and your embassy closed down until such time that Israel starts to behave as a responsible member of the international community.

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Thank You.
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