Prof Emeritus Stuart Rees AM writes to the Foreign Minister re Israel’s attack on the Gaza flotilla 1Jun10 June 1, 2010

Dear Minister,

Israeli Murder
You recently took a principled stand towards the Government of Israel regarding their use of stolen  Australian passports to conduct a commando raid in another country. Now that Israel has murdered peace protesters and in international waters, will the Australian Government join Turkey and other nations in condemning Israel’s conduct ?  Unless you do so, Israel will take your silence as another cue that they can do what they like.

The latest Israeli atrocities can be added to an apparently endless list of acts which show Israel to be totally indifferent to the rules of international law. That list includes the building of illegal settlements, the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem, the holding of thousands in jail without trial, the siege of Gaza, the kill ratio of 100:1 in the so called Gaza war.

Please also say that you are not fooled by the Israeli spokesman Mr, Mark Regev who churns out his usual implausible Orwellian type explanations ‘ our troops were fired on’, ‘they fired first’. If governments and the media take this liar seriously, they are encouraging the prospect of more events like the tragedy on board the Gaza flotilla.

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Thank You.
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