Margaret Cassar (SA) writes to The Advertiser about the miserable situation in Gaza 2Jun10 PUBLISHED June 2, 2010

The people of Gaza must be feeling so desperate and isolated today. For  three years 1.5 million Gazans have been imprisoned behind razor wire
watching the Israeli blockade destroy their economy and reduce them to starvation  rations. Then when a flotilla of boats containing much needed food,  medicines and building supplies attempts to come to their aid the Israelis use the full force of their  military to capture the boats even while they are in international  waters  Israel has expressed regret over the large number of deaths and injuries.How will the world respond? Foreign  Ministers, including our own Stephen, Smith and the UN Security Council  are all upset and tut tutting about Israel’s behaviour but do any of them have the courage to call for  actions like Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions. Or will we see another  UN Resolution to add to the list of pieces of paper the Israeli Government has totally ignored.

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