Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to David Lindell’s letter on Israel’s attack on the Gaza flotilla in The Age 5Jun10 June 6, 2010

In seeking to argue Israel’s case in its latest debacle to prevent the Free Gaza Flotilla from bringing much needed aid to the imprisoned population of Gaza, David Lindell does not tell us that 80 percent of the population of Gaza are refugees and their descendants who were ethnically cleansed and denied their right of return or compensation for the loss of their homes and their country. Instead they have suffered a belligerent Israeli occupation for decades where their human rights have been well nigh totally abrogated. Israel’s so-called security problems arise out of its dispossession and occupation of the Palestinian people and its relentless colonisation of their homeland and subsequent apartheid policies to enforce Israel’s control over what was historic Palestine.

Why have the Palestinians been denied the right to defend their homeland and their people? Why are they not protected from Israel’s state terrorism that has been sustained for decades and ten times worse in its toll on their lives and livelihood? It is time to support the Palestinians in their struggle for their human rights against a state that acts with the utmost impunity in order to dominate and subjugate them.

Double standards

ISRAEL sent troops 100 kilometres into international waters to protect its citizens. Australia, the US, Great Britain and our allies sent troops thousands of kilometres on to sovereign territory to protect us.

Israel seeks to deter rocket attacks and bombings against its citizens. Australia, the US, Great Britain and allies seek to deter potential terrorism by waging war in Iraq, Afghanistan and against Osama bin Laden.

Knives, steel poles, “baseball bats” and otherwise harmless “weapons” were on the Mavi Marmara and Israel was accused of being heavy handed? Iraq was pummelled with the best of the Western world’s arsenal and weapons of mass destruction were never found.

Australia and its allies vigilantly protect their (our) borders against ”illegal immigrants”. Why is Israel condemned for closing its borders to protect its citizens?

It’s time to support Israel in our fight against terrorism – just as we support our soldiers.

David Lindell, St Kilda East

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