Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Sabawi’s “Pain of Gaza exile endures after 43 years” The Age 8Jun10 PUBLISHED June 8, 2010

The Age: “Pain of Gaza exile endures after 43 years” by Samah Sabawi, 8 June 2010

While Israel and its many apologists have once again portrayed the people of Gaza and those peace activists coming to their aid as supporters of terrorism, Samah Sabawi reminds us that the Palestinians are a people who have suffered 62 years of injustice at the hands of Israel and its Zionist founders. That injustice is ongoing and has been compounded by 43 years of occupation and colonisation that has left an apartheid reality for those remaining in what was Palestine and a bitter exile for those Israel has deliberately and successfully excluded. While her family were one of the lucky ones able to make a new life in a new land she reminds us that there are 4.5 million Palestinians still living in refugee camps denied their most basic human rights. Until the original sin of what was done to the Palestinians in order to create a Jewish state in Palestine is addressed the wounds of these people will not be able to heal. And this context should be remembered when we judge who exactly is acting in self-defence.

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