Basil Yacoub congratulates Maria Vamvakinou Mp for her strong statement re attack on Gaza flotilla 2Jun10 June 2, 2010

I deeply congratulate the Federal member for Calwell Labour MP Maria  Vamvakino for her courageous stand against the Israeli violation of international law and their crimes against peaceful activist whose only crime is that they represent the human soul and spirit in trying to break up the unjust seige on Gaza with its 1.5 million people. Having said that, I wonder what is the value of the investigation particularly if  the investigation was conducted by Israel itself. Israel, has flagrantly ignored hundreds of Security Council and UN resolutions. It has shamelessly stood against all international laws and continued its policy of forcing the Palestinians to leave their land and treating them ten fold worse than the black south Africans during the apartheid regime.   What is needed is that, Australia, as a peace loving country, and people who are entrenched in their support for fair dink um and justice must act now and lead the road in demanding that enough is enough. Ethnic cleansing and human degradation is no longer acceptable.  And if Israel chose to continue its path of destruction then Australia must boycott that regime.  It is shame on us all here in Australia to be associated with a regime that its policy is genocide and its philosophy is racist and its future is build on blood of innocent people.

I again salute Maria for her stand and I hope more and more MPs in our Parliament come to realise the fact that Israel is fundamentally burden  not asset on us, and that our democracy at heart will be violated if we don’t stand up and hold our principals.

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