Dr Niko Leka (NSW) writes to Sydney Morning Herald re Israel’s disregard for international law 3Jun10 June 3, 2010

Using fake passport from friendly countries to carry out extra-judicial killings, murdering civilians on the high seas, and then justifying these actions as “self-defence” are acts that lead to a chilling implication.

It is clear that the Israeli regime relates to the rest of the world through a combination of spin and violence. The spin is used to explain away the violence.

Accordingly its Embassy responded to my protests by saying, “the provocateurs declined a security check” even though Israel understood “the flotilla was en route to Gaza with the interest of delivering aid supplies”.  So to Israel, “humanitarian aid” is provocation?

The response added that Israel’s “disengagement from the Gaza strip in 2005” was “followed by continued support and humanitarian aid”. So to Israel, bombing Gaza during Christmas 2008 was “disengagement?

The Israeli regime’s use of spin is a measure of restraint. It only carries out those acts it feels its PR machine can let it get away with.

The chilling implication is what will Israeli regime do when, as a nuclear armed state, it decides it no longer needs to explain?

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