Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to article in the Adelaide Advertiser, p72 11Jun10 June 11, 2010

Obama says that the situation is unsustainable.(Page 72 Advertiser 11/6/2010)
What is unsustainable is the situation in Palestine including what has been allowed to happen in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as in Gaza.
Dispossession and ethnic cleansing may serve racist, political and religious agendas in the short term, but history ought to remind us that sometimes victims develop the capacity to withstand their oppressors, escape from their oppression, or overcome their opppressors.
President Obama speaks of having gone through a difficult period regarding Palestine/Israel, as if the difficulties are in the past.
That is deceptive. The situation continues pretty well unchanged as it has done since just after the Second World War.
The real problems have never been adequately faced and have not diminished.
Platitudes meant to succour those who appease Israel and the USA will change nothing.
The US President ought to bear in mind that the interests of the Palestinians are not the same as the interests of the USA.
He also needs to be made aware of the discrepancy between acknowledging Israel’s need of “security”, but never Palestine’s. If “smuggling” weapons into Palestine needs to be prevented for the sake of Israel’s security, then why not ban arms imported by Israel banned, for the sake of Palestine’s security?
Now that would lead to a change. After over 60 years of doing nothing. Then and only then can Mr. Obama speak of “difficulties” as being in the past.

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