Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to McGeough’s “Sifting terrorist chips from Israeli policy push” SMH 14Jun10 June 14, 2010

The Sydney Morning Herald:  “Sifting terrorist chips from Israeli policy push” by Paul McGeough

As Paul McGeough points out it has taken Israel’s gross over-reaction in killing nine protesters on the Gaza-bound humanitarian flotilla to finally focus attention on the cruelty of Israeli imposed siege and blockade of Gaza. This is the ninth attempt to break the siege and blockade by ship and draw some world attention to what is a war crime of collectively punishing 1.5 million Palestinians forced to live without freedom and any respect for their human rights in the prison that Gaza has become. Yet even now as the initial shock of what happened dies down and media attention wanes, the talk is of “easing” rather than bringing the siege and blockade to an end as if Palestinian lives are somehow dispensable.

Are  we waiting for the rise  in stunted growth and child malnutrition, already documented to be increasing, to rise to some critical threshold or are we in the business of slowing down that rate so it can once again slip under the radar screen of world attention while the real pauperization and ultimate genocide continues unchecked? There are now hundreds of deaths that have occurred but totally ignored over the four years this siege and blockade has been in place and directly attributable to this inhumane policy. At what point will the world look at the shameful collective punishment of a whole population that its silence and inaction is responsible for perpetuating and seriously do something to end this crime against humanity?

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