Michael Shaik (Vic) responds to Barry Cohen’s “Where are the protests?”, The Australian 18Jun10 PUBLISHED June 19, 2010

The Australian: “Where are the protests?” by Barry Cohen, 18 June 2010

As one of “those compassionate souls”, whom Barry Cohen castigates for protesting Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla, while staying silent over atrocities committed in other parts of the world, I wish to point out the inconsistencies in his denunciation.

Unlike  Cohen, who uncritically accepts the Israeli narrative concerning the killings, opposes any meaningful investigation and dismisses reports by the UN, Amnesty International and the Red Cross that Israel’s blockade is intended to collectively punish Gaza’s population and is therefore illegal under international law, I know of no one who protested Israel’s actions who has acted as an apologist for the governments of Sri Lanka, Sudan or human rights abusers in any other part of the world.

It is interesting to note that following international condemnation, Israel has announced that it will be easing restrictions on the import of civilian goods into Gaza, belying Cohen’s claim that the blockade is necessary for its security.

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