Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Friendly US and Israel agree on peace talks” The Advertiser, 8Jul10 July 8, 2010

(I refer to the article “Friendly US and Israel agree on peace talks”)
“For a long time I have watched as US presidents have spoken of events and situations in a way that made me fearful that our world was turning into one that would resemble that described by Heller or Kafka rather than the one I observed that I actually lived in.
I am once again reminded of the possibility that there are two planet earths: one where aggressors are called men of peace and the other where aggressors are seen as men of violence, one where nations which breach international laws should expect to be castigated and sanctioned and another where if they are our “friends”, or if it is “us” are permitted to do whatever it takes to serve their own vested interests irrespective of the cost to others.
Peace requires an absence of violence.
How can Obama look Netanyahu in the eye and honestly tell us that he “believes” that the Israeli P.M. wants peace?
The mind boggles!

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