Margaret Cassar (SA) writes to The Advertiser on the Obama-Netanyahu meeting 9Jul10 July 9, 2010

Could President Obama possibly have been more obsequious and fulsome in his praise of Israel’s PM Netanyahu? Obviously the “unbreakable bonds” that tie them together means that Mr Netanyahu, a leader who continually flaunts and pushes the boundaries of international law to tighten his stranglehold on the Gaza Strip, is lauded by Obama as trustworthy and peaceful. Just last year Mr Netanyahu was responsible for Operation Cast Lead, the imprisonment, bombing and murder of 1,400 Palestinians, his Mossad agents used other countries’ passports to carry out unlawful killings and just recently his government ignored maritime law to perpetuate piracy and murder on the high seas. With the US rewarding such behaviour with warm handshakes we can only wait with bated breath to see which laws the Israeli government will break next.

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