Michael Shaik (Vic) responds to Howe’s ” Two tales of mistaken identity”, Herald Sun 12Jul10 July 12, 2010

The Herald Sun:  “Two tales of mistaken identity” by Alan Howe, 12 July 2010

Alan Howe misses the point when he accuses the UK and Ireland of hypocrisy for not expelling Russian diplomats over the use of false British and Irish passports by Russian spies, when they had previously expelled two Israeli diplomats over the use of forged passports in the Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination.

Unlike Russia, Israel is considered a friendly country by Western intelligence agencies, with which Mossad closely cooperates.  Thus the abuse of Western passports was considered an abuse of such trust and the “diplomats” expelled were identified Mossad agents.

Moreover, whereas the Russian agents were part of a Washington spy ring, the Mossad operatives were not, as Howe asserts, engaged “in a terrific display of espionage” but conducting an assassination in a friendly third country, directly compromising the safety of all British, Irish (and Australian) citizens working and holidaying in Dubai.

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