Dora McPhee (Vic) responds to Bronner’s “Inquiry finds flotilla killings justified’ The Age, 14Jul10 July 14, 2010

The Age:  “Inquiry finds flotilla killings justified” by Ethan Bronner, 14 July 2010

Israel’s inquiry into the flotilla killings lacks any sort of credibility
given the immediate and blatant tampering of evidence by the military and
the fact that the investigation was carried out by the self-same military.
Nothing is transparent about this inquiry except that it unsurprisingly
comes to the conclusion that it set itself out to justify – that the
killings were justified. Somehow we are meant to believe that all the human
rights activists who were eyewitnesses to what went on are incapable of
giving truthful testimony and the military that perpetrated the crimes has
no vested interest in hiding the truth.

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