Dora McPhee responds to Carlill’s “Broken dreams in the promised land” The Australian 25Jul10 July 25, 2010

The Australian: “Broken Dreams in the Promised Land” by Bren Carlill, 24 July 2010 (see below, not available online)

Bren Carlill’s analysis completely disregards the framework of international
law through which this conflict should be assessed. In blaming Arafat for
“creating expectations among Palestinians that Israel could not meet” he
disingenuously abrogates what Palestinians are entitled to under
international law. The analysis is written from the point of view of “might
is right” and what Israel has illegally taken from the Palestinians now
becomes something it cannot or rather will not give up.

On all four issues of concern: settlements, borders, Jerusalem and right of
return, it is the Palestinians who are expected to make concessions, yet
Carlill writes as if Israel is the one making concessions. Under
international law, the settlements are all illegal colonies; the 1949
borders delineate territory illegally occupied by Israel; Israel does not
have sovereignty over Jerusalem and Palestinians do have an inalienable
right of return that is being denied them by Israel. An honest assessment of
these facts would have forced Carlill to acknowledge a great wrong has been
perpetrated against the Palestinians for which Israel has yet to make

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