Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Festival threatened over Israel link” The Age, 4Aug10 August 4, 2010

The Age: “Festival threatened over Israel link” by Karl Quinn, 4 August 2010

Richard Moore may be sticking to his “principles” which seem to be more
about monetary issues than morals but it is clear that he is blind to the
principles involved in the request for withdrawal of films once directors of
conscience are made aware of the funding MIFF receives from the state of

In the 21st century colonialism and apartheid are considered crimes against
humanity and there is clear evidence that Israel is practicing both. On top
of this there is clear evidence of war crimes committed against the
Palestinian people and the ongoing violations of their human rights,
continually justified as serving Israel’s security needs. Moore sees none of
this as problematic in accepting Israel’s sponsorship of  MIFF. It is this
unapologetic acceptance of Israel’s funding that shows Moore’s political
bias which forces directors to take a moral stand.

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