Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Whisson’s “Palestine peace conquest is no Gordion Knot” The Australian 4Aug10 August 4, 2010

The Australian:  “Palestine peace conquest is no Gordian Knot” by Alex Whisson, 4 August 2010

The Israel-Palestine peace quest is no Gordian knot for those who genuinely
want peace grounded in justice but sadly this is not even remotely what
Israel aspires to. Until Israel’s leaders can acknowledge the original wrong
done to the Palestinian people that created the nation state of Israel
through the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians  and the denial of their human
rights in what was Palestine there will be no meeting of minds on how to
rectify this wrong allowing a peaceful settlement.

Instead actions, which speak louder than the words that profess a desire for
peace, show what Israel aspires to is the permanent defeat of the
Palestinian people and a silencing of their rightful claims to equality in a
state that wishes to assert Jewish supremacy. The continued colonisation
through settlement building and the repeated instances of driving
Palestinians off their land and demolition of their houses so recently
carried out in East Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and the Negev desert is
testament to the ongoing Israeli attempts to sever Palestinian ties to their
homeland. This does not show a willingness to even entertain a peaceful
resolution rather a frantic attempt to prevent the unravelling of the
Gordian knot guaranteed to keep the conflict intractable.

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