AL-WALAJA FOLLOW-UP 6Aug August 13, 2010

In my last email message with the video showing the assault on peaceful
demonstrations in Al-Walaja, I mentioned six Palestinians abducted.  There
were also Israelis arrested.  In total 15 people were abducted and many
charged and most had to sign a paper to promise they would not come near the
wall again for 60-180 days.  Here are pictures of the event Wednesday from
Ann Paq

Some of you wrote encouraging that I use the video blog format of glimpses
of life in the occupied territories (Sample snapshots of events, sights, and
sounds and expressing my thoughts).  This one includes Al-Walaja village
events including visits by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and segment of
interview with Ahmed Barghouth (Abu Nidal) who is losing much of his land
and even his family graveyard to the apartheid wall. Also included is a
personal narrative of what happened in encounters with apartheid Israeli
officials in Ofer and Gush Etzion colonial settlements the last two days.



New hope in closing battle of the wall; a week in the west bank village of
Al Wallaja

by Yotam Wolfe and Joseph Dana

4-year-old Palestinian child gets a taste of the occupation and he
tries to protect his family who are being arrested for nonviolent resistance

Israeli apartheid soldiers arrested three 14-year olds in their own lands
for being too close to the illegal wall built on their lands in Bilin.

Action:  People asked what they can do to end harassment of nonviolent
resisters including me (Mazin Qumsiyeh)? Here is an example of a to do list

Inspiring:  Flashmob BDS action in the Netherlands

Very revealing interview with Apartheid Israel’s father of its nuclear bombs
and other weapons of mass destruction.  Here Peres admits Israel does have
nuclear weapons but lies about other areas (including ethnic cleansing he
himself participated in).  He also managed to insult Britain and lie about
the role of the British government (which was critical to founding Israel as
a racist apartheid Jewish state)

Below is a direct promotional quote from a Zionist website that brings
American Jews to watch and support first-hand the colonial apartheid system
in action.  Imagine the reaction for a similar announcement for Nazi Germany
or Apartheid South Africa.

“Once in a lifetime Experience! [for only $3350 plus airline tickets-MQ]
Join a dynamic and intensive eight day exploration of Israel’s struggle
for survival and security.

Mission Highlights:
-Briefings by Mossad officials and commanders of the Shin Bet.
-Briefing by officers in the IDF Intelligence and Operations branches.
-Inside tour of the IAF unit which carries out targeted killings.
[extrajudicial executions- MQ]
-Live exhibition of penetration raids in Arab territory.
-Observe a trial of Hamas terrorists in an IDF military court.
-First hand tours of Lebanese front-line military positions and the Gaza
border check-points.
-Inside tour of the controversial Security Fence and secret intelligence
-Meeting Israel’s Arab agents who infiltrate terrorist groups and
provide real-time intelligence.
Light airplane tour of the Galilee, water activities on Lake Kinneret,
a cook-out barbecue and a -
-Shabbat enjoying the rich  religious and historic wonders of
Jerusalem’s Old City.[being cleansed of its natives-MQ]“

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home

Popular Committee to Resist the Apartheid Wall and Settlements-Beit Sahour
Professor, Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities
Chairman of the Board, Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People,

Mazin Qumsiyeh teaches and does research at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. He previously served on the faculties of the University of Tennessee, Duke and Yale Universities. He served on the board/steering/executive committees of a number of groups including Peace Action Education Fund, the US Campaign to End the Occupation, the Palestinian American Congress, Association for One Democratic State in Israel/Palestine, and He is now president of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People. He advised many other groups including Sommerville Divestment Project, Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project, Palestine Freedom Project, Sabeel North America, and National Council of Churches of Christ USA. He is an active member of a number of human rights groups (Amnesty, Peace action, Human Rights Watch, ACLU etc.). He published several books of which the most acclaimed “Sharing the Land of Canaan: human rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle” which was also translated to Spanish.

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