Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to article on p25 of The Advertiser 23Aug10 August 23, 2010

I refer to your article on page 25 in today’s Advertiser.

Secretary of State Clinton Says that the talks “must” proceed without “preconditions”.

The Israelis’ preconditions would make a Palestinian state’s existence impossible.

In order that a state can be recognised as a state it must have the right to govern itself, have control over its resources and borders and the means to defend its people amongst other things. Even a state under occupation does not lose these rights even if their expression is temporarily removed. For example Poland still retained its inherent rights as a state during Nazi occupation as did Czechoslovakia under Kremlin rule.

Some would say so it is with Palestine.

However for a state to exist it must at least have the potential to be viable economically and politically, possess contiguous or reasonably substantial territory over which it- and it alone- has the right to make decisions: that is to rule and to govern.

Therefore Israel’s preconditions would appear to be counter to the very notion of a Palestinian state.

Palestinians, on the other hand, have preconditions which include matters which relate to property demolitions, land seizures, removals of people and settlement construction in the occupied territories. In other words, their “preconditions” are related to illegal activity directed against their people by the Israeli government. They reasonably demand that this must cease.

Madame secretary, I would have thought that you, representing as you do a state of laws, would stand by the Palestinians in their demands which are consistent with respect for laws, and would challenge Israel’s demands that are inconsistent with the very idea of an independent state of Palestine.

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