Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Killings shake peace bid” Adelaide Advertiser 2Sep10 September 2, 2010

“I refer to the article “Killings shake peace bid”.

I abhor the deaths of any innocent civilians, but I do so irrespective of who the victims and the killers are. However, it seems that others are more partial when they decide to allocate or not allocate concern and sympathy to the victims. And that includes those within the media who, it seems to me, fail to provide a comprehensive and factual portrayal of the situation.

This is especially true with regard to violence that occurs in the Occupied Palestinian territories.

Anyone who bothers to find out the truth knows that every day innocent Palestinian civilians, men women and children, the aged and the young, are abused and their rights violated in their own land, their own homes and their own country by persons who are either living there illegally or who represent the state that illegally occupies their land.

Every day a Palestinian is shot at, and frequently killed, by the Israeli Defence Forces or police, or by Jewish settlers. These violations occur while they are doing such provocative things like walking to school, picking their olives, fishing and picking up buckets of gravel to help repair the damage done to houses by Israeli bombs.

While this is the truth of the situation, spin and propaganda portray the settlers who are living in the occupied territories illegally and immorally as requiring special consideration because of the risk to their security.

The IDF and Israeli police fire on Palestinian civilians on a daily basis as do settlers. Now, as a result of one event, Israeli minister Eli Yishai has instructed that the granting of licences to acquire arms and weapons be facilitated for Israeli settlers in the occupied west Bank, when it is known that they are already heavily armed because they are continually firing at Palestinian farmers attempting to work their land and to vandalise their homes and property.

What would Australians think if this were happening to them? But how can Australian farmers for instance, ever identify with Palestinian farmers if no-one tells them the truth of what is happening in the occupied territories?

Maybe that is why we are kept in the dark about the truth about what is actually happening there, because if we knew the truth we might permit our government to be so supportive of the state that occupies the land and who has no intention of returning what is left of Palestine to the Palestinians.

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