Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Peace is possible, say Middle East leaders” The Age, 3Sep10 September 3, 2010

The Age: “Peace is possible, say Middle East leaders”, by Simon Mann, 3 September 2010

The current peace talks are supposed to lead to a two-state solution whereby an Israeli state and a Palestinian state can live side by side in peace. This solution based on the 1967 borders has long been on offer to Israel and is supported by the whole international community, the Palestinians and even by the Hamas leadership, which is being left out in the cold in these talks. But this solution has already been vitiated by the deliberate and systematic fragmentation of what is supposed to constitute the Palestinian state territory by Israel’s illegal colonisation and land and resources theft which it refuses to halt, let alone undo.

Given that Palestinians have already lost 78 percent of  their land to the newly created state of Israel the further colonisation (at a rate of population growth three times that in Israel proper) on the remaining 22 percent is an insult to anyone’s intelligence that Israel has been acting in good faith in wanting peace with the Palestinians.

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